If We Were a Movie

Yesterday, my roommates and I snuggled up in sleeping bags in our living room and watched Something Borrowed as a treat for getting through the year in one piece. The sleeping bags were mainly present because only one of us can get through a movie without falling into the clutches of sleep (cue the creepy,... Continue Reading →

A Little Happiness For Everyone

Hey guys! I just finished my last science lab of the year and I'm probably in the happiest mood ever! 🙂 Speaking of happy moods, I decided to dedicate this blog post to sharing a few happy-related lists. Hopefully it'll help you get through exams! SONGS (positive, upbeat songs that never fail to cheer me up):... Continue Reading →

Is too much sleep bad for you?

Many of us complain that we are not getting enough sleep. We try and fail to get the golden eight, which is widely assumed to be the ideal amount of sleep. However, according to a recent article from the BBC, eight hours of sleep is too much and may actually be harmful to your health.... Continue Reading →

Throwin’ It Back

My past Saturday night consisted of Med Syd formal, which was an amazing event. The night took place at the Great Hall, which was decorated lovely. Instead of typical chicken or meat, there was spicy thai chicken! We had our choice of chocolate or vanilla cake. There was a photo booth with the funniest props... Continue Reading →

Big Hero 6 Movie Review

By now you’ve probably heard or seen Big Hero 6, a charming animated movie inspired by Marvel™. It’s an interesting movie with wacky, comical characters and a compelling story. While many love the movie, there were some aspects that I personally did not enjoy as much. Here is my opinion of Big Hero 6 in... Continue Reading →

The World of Blogging

People ask me all of the time how I come up with something to write every week. While one of the biggest challenges of creating something creative such as a blog is coming up with things that you think your audience will like, there's a lot more to it than just coming up with a... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate McDonalds Cheat Sheet

There’s this age-old tale that my parents like to tell me of a time when McDonalds was only in America. This was also around the time when they were still trying to figure out a wheel. In university where McDonalds is a good, cheap means of fending off starvation, it’s easy to get bored with... Continue Reading →

Get Your Sleep!

It's the final stretch… Push through, don't slack or waste time, finish that essay, study those notes, give it your all... but get a lot of sleep while you're at it. Western put posters about sleeping habits up on residence walls, and even though you might've heard some of these facts before (shout out to... Continue Reading →

You Were Born to Lead!

Everyday leaders: we all know at least one, and maybe you are one yourself! The definition of a good leader doesn't just apply to leaders we see in the news or throughout world history. There are leaders who influence our lives on a daily basis, and sometimes we are a leader without even realizing it.... Continue Reading →

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