Western Spirit!


Soooooo, which school has the most spirit?

I think we can all agree. W-E-S-T-E-R-N!

Or at least Saugeen-Maitland Hall.

Or at least 5 Upper.

Yes, you know what I’m getting at… 5-Up’s viral video of a lip dub to Uptown Funk! If you haven’t seen it, watch it right now!

I watched this lip dub at least 5 times already, and I’m not even on that floor or in that residence! It really makes the viewers so excited and proud to be mustangs. Or if they aren’t UWO students, then they probably want to be. It might make some people believe that Western is a “party school”, but more importantly, that we all have fun together! I also can’t believe how amazingly directed the video is! Us Western kids are definitely talented and motivated.

This video has got me thinking of the humungous amount of spirit I’ve experienced so far during my first year here at Western.

I actually couldn’t believe how enthusiastic the sophs were during O-Week. Med Syd sophs, especially, get quite into it. The guys grew their hair long, the girls wore dreadlocks, and they wore sunglasses and coveralls. Basically, it was impossible to tell what they really looked like. In addition, we only knew their soph names, not their real names, until O-Week was over. Crazy stories go along with the soph names, which we got to hear at the “soph reveal”.

How did you all spend your HOCO?

My sophs took us over to Broughdale Ave. (extremely close!) that morning. This street is full of student rental homes, and it was really fun being “off campus” but surrounded by hundreds of UWO students in their purple clothes, or even shiny purple leggings and purple tutus. My friend who went to the football game said it was exhilarating. My best friend’s father is a Huron College alumni, so he came just for the game (and some other alumni events)!

Some other year-wide activities include intramural sports, dodgeball games between residences, Science Student Council “Wellness Wednesday” arts and crafts, yoga, and holiday activities in res or on campus.

I couldn’t imagine if my life here only consisted of lectures and exams. I love getting to participate in a bunch of other activities and events where we can all show how excited we are to be at Western together!


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