USC Elections 2015: Why You Should Vote

Once again, the time is upon us to vote for next year’s USC Team. With polls opening yesterday morning at 8:00am, you have until 8:00pm TONIGHT to cast your ballots. Along with voting for the presidential slate, your designated faculty president and USC representative, you’ll also be able to vote on 2 referendums: one regarding the Western Marching Band and the other regarding next year’s O-Pass.

However, after speaking to my friends and peers, I’ve noticed that many haven’t yet voted. Whether this be because they don’t know the candidates’ platforms well enough to make an educated decision, or simply indifference; the general consensus around campus is that students won’t be electing candidates.

Why Your Vote is Important

  • Your voice actually matters. The biggest misconception that people have about voting is that their vote isn’t important in the grand scheme of things. So, why bother voting when, in the end, you’re just a small cog in the machine? By voting, you’ll have the ability and opportunity to actually be able to change the way things are run at Western. Your support for certain candidates and slates that align with your personal beliefs means that change can happen.
  • Democratic legitimacy. The legitimacy of any government, including the USC, lies in the fact that it’s elected by the majority. Low voter turnouts may call into question this legitimacy as the government body is elected into power by few individuals.
  • Sends a message. The most important reason to vote, however, is that it sends a message. Whether or not the candidates you choose win, you are sending a clear message to the USC that your voice matters and that you care about the matters of the council. When all the numbers are tallied up, your vote sends a clear message to the winning candidate that not all agree with his/her platform and that they must also take into consideration other issues at hand.

The importance of voting goes in hand with making an educated decision. Before voting, I strongly encourage you to get to know the candidates and their platforms. Throughout the past 2 weeks, the Western Gazette has been following up on all things election-related. As well, you can meet the candidates through the USC candidate profile page.

Remember, voting closes TONIGHT at 8:00pm so get your ballots in before it’s too late! It only takes 2 minutes of your time to make a difference for next year. Don’t forget to remind your friends to vote as well, as every vote counts in making the student body’s voices heard.


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