Coffee for the Soul – Keurig Brewed Beverages


As a student, quality and time often compete for importance in my life. As much as I love coffee and tea, I am often too pressed for time to make my morning wake-me-up the way that I have always loved to: grinding up fresh coffee beans to make a new cup of coffee every morning. Seeing my pain, my mother decided to get me the newest Keurig 2.0 brewing system for Christmas. Ecstatic, I got a large variety of K-Cups from our local coffee retail shop, Baja Cafe. Here are some of my favourites:

1. Timothy’s Cranberry Green Tea


Those who know me will tell you that I love anything and everything with cranberries, so naturally this would be one of my favourites. I love green tea but find that it lacks the rich taste that I’m accustomed to in my other fruit or herbal teas. Adding cranberry to this tea is probably the best idea Timothy’s has ever had.

2. Laura Secord’s Hot Chocolate


While this isn’t really a tea or a coffee, hot chocolate is my all-time favourite beverage to sip on through a long, cold winter night. Top this up with some cream and a pinch of cinnamon and you’re all set!

3. Starbucks Caramel

I know you were expecting some Starbucks to show up, don’t even deny it. I’m not usually a fan of caramel, but this coffee won me over. It’s got a nice subtle flavour that quietly sits on your tongue as you sip the coffee, giving it a nice taste overall without being like “HI I’M A FLAVOURED COFFEE!”.

4. The Original Donut Shop Coffee


The Donut Shop coffees have a very good, “on-the-go” taste. It’s the kind of coffee that you’d get at Dunkin Donuts or another shop like that, but the employee has done a spectacular job brewing it. It’s got a nice, smooth taste with only a slight acidic bite.This coffee is great to get you through days when you don’t want something too jazzed up.

5. Green Mountain’s Kenyan AA


This is, out of all the K-Cups that I’ve tried so far, the best coffee that I’ve ever had. Smooth, rich and vibrant, it almost makes you forget that your cup of coffee was brewed at home and not in a coffee shop.

And there you have it! It was a little difficult narrowing down my top five favourites but if you have a Keurig or are thinking of getting one, I highly recommend these five K-Cup flavour/brands. If you have your own favourites, leave them in the comments below so that I can try them out!




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