Dance Like No One is Watching

Are you thinking about becoming a stang this coming September, or are already a Western student who’s looking for some fun extra curriculars to fill up those empty voids in your schedule? Are you also looking for something to keep you physically active and feeling refreshed? Well the Western Recreation Center has some good news for you: why not try out a dance class!? From hip hop to jazz to tap, come out and join a variety of dance styles that will leave you feeling invigorated! So maybe you’re not a dancer, and that’s perfectly fine. There are many different levels of dance from beginning to advanced. There’s bound to be a class that suits your abilities and schedule.

Did you know…Dance plays many roles in a community including recreational, educational, personal development and community building

Dance is such a great way to take a break from your busy academic schedule and just let loose for that hour. It’s really an all in one package. It’s a de-stresser, gets your heart rate pumping, increases your motivation and not to mention it’s a blast! If you’re really passionate about dance and you’re trying to pick a more fun course for next year, you should definitely consider taking one of the many dance courses offered here at Western. These classes are offered through the faculty of music, but you can be from any faculty on campus to enroll in a dance course.

Dance Classes at Western Rec Center:

Dance Courses offered at Western:

Don Wright Faculty of Music

There are also tons of dance clubs from beginners to experienced dancers. There’s HipHop Western, HEAT, or This is London just to name a few. UWO Dance Force is another and is one of the large dance clubs who offer a wide range of difficulty levels.

1383287_632937216790041_6093176944665719090_nuwodance force

This year I actually tried out the Salsa Dance club here on campus. It was a much different style than I was used to, and it was lots of fun to try it with a partner (which also proved to be more difficult than expected). But it was still a very fun and unique experience! Basically if you’re trying to figure out something to fill your time with, dance is a great option for you to consider. If it’s something your new at or completely passionate about, Western has something to offer you, so don’t be afraid to dance your little heart away!



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