When Will Spring Come?… And Climate Change


Does Groundhog day actually predict the coming of spring? Not many people take groundhog day seriously in the first place and if you do the math spring should arrive roughly the same time whether the groundhog sees its shadow or not. If that’s the case, why does it seem like snow is arriving and leaving later and later each year? The answer is simple: climate change.


Many people do not know about the severe effects of climate change or are simply unaware about its existence. It is necessary to educate the public about the dangerous future that is approaching. In fact, a poll conducted in 2007–2008 that surveyed individuals from 128 different countries showed that over a third of the world’s population were unaware of global warming, with developing countries less aware than developed, and Africa the least aware. With many people ignorant about this issue it will only increase in magnitude. To make matters worse, there are not many programs that spread awareness, especially in developing countries because of financial troubles. One solution would be for developed countries to introduce eco-friendly program to these developing countries, but this would require a lot of time, people and effort. Even with the help of develop countries, there are many people who do not simply care enough or hold the misconception that climate change will warm up the earth to a nice, enjoyable temperature (this misconception is due to the name “global warming”). So, in order to educate developing countries, it is important to educate and correct any misconceptions in developed countries first, otherwise no one would bother to help. Considering all of this, will there be a solution to climate change? Or will the earth continue to its uttermost doom?

climate change graph

And so, pertaining to the question about spring’s arrival, people should be asking “how can we slow climate change to prevent these weather extremes?” instead.

March 2013 spring snowclimate-change affects all


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