Midterm Two: The Calculus Strikes Back

For those reading happy cheap chicken nuggets day. If you are confused by that remark, the event I am referring to is what you normal people call “the superbowl”.  Although I must say I do not get the connection between kryptonian food containers and a bunch of overly muscular brick walls attempting to move an inflated pig stomach shaped ball across a grass field. To each their own I suppose.

With that “witty” intro out of the way, let’s talk about something much, much darker, the second calculus midterm. To those of you who do not have calculus this week, you no idea how truly lucky you are.  This midterm is what the engineering students have feared since day one. The greatest threat, the most formidable threat of the midterm season. The second calculus midterm. To help slay such a beast, I offer you a few words of wisdom. May they aid you this Saturday.

First, do not skip calculus, I know the general do not skip classes motto can be used for almost any class but the priority to go to calculus lectures is elevated. Calculus cannot be simply learned from notes, having a professor go over examples is invaluable, in short, if you can only make one lecture make calculus.

Second, find the prep 101 booklet. Those of you who dished out 120 dollars respect, but if your wallet wasn’t as deep, FIND A COPY OF THE BOOKLET. It is by far the best second hand calculus notes that one can find. Prep 101 may be sustained by the incompetence of instructors, but they make excellent notes. They won’t get you anything worth bragging, but they will help you pass. If available use it! Review sessions are nice as well but some are better than others and a few are completely useless, still use your time wisely.

Thirdly, do as many previous midterms as possible. They and the homework are the most accurate representation of the enemy before you. Use the solution manual and office hours for homework problems. Practice,practice practice. Know the principles inside and out. Memorize tricks and tips and every third hour on the hour rewrite your formula sheet. The application of these formulas are hard enough, you do not want to lose a mark from forgetting a formula.

T minus 113 hours. Use your time wisely and ride the curve. The promised day is almost upon us. Make that day yours. Good luck and have fun.


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