Rough roads ahead…

We’re now on the last day of January, which is also roughly one-third of the way through the second semester!

January was a place of beginnings. It began with the hopes for the New Year, and bright was that hope, fueled as it was by fresh memories of family, turkey and laughter. Despite the harsh grip of the deep winter, that hope kept us warm so that we could still dream of summer air and green leaves, envision a brighter (and warmer) future, and weave the threads of our ambition into plans that might one day carry us further than we ever imagined. For the most part, as far as beginnings go, January wasn’t too bad.

February is entirely another matter.

As we flip the calendar to a new page and glance at the various reminders of assignments and midterms, it became apparent that a time of trial and struggle has come. Times have slipped by too quickly, and deadlines have encroached uncomfortably close onto our doorsteps.

So, once again, the battle is almost upon us. The time has come for us to take up the armor of knowledge, so that we’ll be able to resist the hard days to come, having done everything to prepare for it. Now is the time to stand firm, having put on the breastplate of hope and the helmet of determination, taking up the sword of diligence and shield of insight, with which we can block the blows from challenges of assignments and midterms. The time has come for us to give it our best effort and strive for excellence – like every university student has done since 1600’s.

There will be sleepless nights and cramming sessions, there will be hardships and headaches… but then, what is life without a good struggle to spice it up?

Let’s get ready, and let the good times begin.


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