When That Song Comes On…


My roommate is this super, up-to-date pop culture queen and often puts my limited knowledge about music and films to shame. So, over the time that I’ve known her, I’ve come up with ways to keep my dignity when an apparently popular song comes on and I simply cannot recall the words, or more often just don’t know the song.

1. Hum along: Most songs nowadays have a typical structure so guessing the rhythm is actually quite simple. This way you can appear to know the song but too cool to bless the world with your wonderful singing abilities.

2. Nod your head to the music: You may have never heard this song before but you can pick up on the beat fast enough to nod along and look like you know what you’re doing.

3. The “Argh, this song again”: You may have never heard this song before but your friend doesn’t need to know that. If asked  what’s wrong with the song, you can pull out classic lines such as ” oh it’s just not really my thing” or ” it’s nothing new”.

4. Pretend you forgot the name of the song: If your friend is rocking out to this song, chances are that it’ll come up again. Getting the name of the song is vital so that you can listen to it on your own time and be better prepared for next time. You might even end up liking the song!

5. Get on Spotify/Songza/8Tracks/Youtube: Since these are all mainly music platforms, they’re a great way to keep in touch with all kinds of music from all kinds of artists, whether it’s emo punk or mainstream pop.

I’m sure most of you are more in touch with pop culture than me because yes, at times I might as well live under a rock. That’s not to say I don’t listen to music though. I suppose I just don’t put as much effort into learning all of the words to every song to ever come on the radio. If you’re the same, make sure to give this post a “like” so that we can connect ( 😀 ) and comment the name of your favourite artist/band below so that I can check them out later!

Good vibes to all ❤



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