A Little Bit of Inspiration


My parents enjoy leaving intriguing magazine articles open around the house. One article definitely caught my eye. It gives 70 tips to keep you young and inspired (it’s meant for a little more… ‘elderly’ people but I think we can all benefit from it).

Here’s a few of the tips I think that we, as university students, can apply to our lives:

1) “listen to uplifting music to start your day”, “start your morning with yoga”, “schedule ‘you time’ into your calendar each week”

My floormate always listens to “pump-up” music before exams. You probably listen to your jam when working out as well. So why not in the morning too? It sounds like a good way to begin the day positively. Also, if you haven’t tried yoga, give it a shot. It doesn’t have to be in the morning, but it’s important to make some time to relax at any point in the day! Plus, the rec centre has free yoga classes… maybe you’ll see me there soon!

2) “learn a new language”, “take a class in the art of Tai Chi”, “learn to tango”

Learn something new!! Hey, we’re in university, it’s bound to happen anyway! Think about taking a course in something unfamiliar, like a language, culture, or just something completely random. There’s a huge variety of courses offered at Western! Join a random club that interests you. Be adventurous.

3) “knit scarves or gloves to donate to those in need”, “donate some of your belongings to shelters/charity”

It’s a proven fact that helping others (whether it be your talented knitting skills, or just giving away belongings that you no longer use) makes you feel good as well. It’s a win-win situation. Also, there are many places in London, or through Western, that you can volunteer for those in need. For example, the Science Student Council volunteers with the Ronald McDonald House, and any student is welcome to volunteer!

4) “make a meal for someone special”, “call an old friend”

Speaking of being good to others – it’s also great to connect (or re-connect) with your friends and family. Bake cookies and give some to your parents or your housemates, or if you’re a great chef, make them breakfast in bed or have a nice homemade dinner together. If there’s someone you haven’t spoken to for a while, think about shooting them a “hey, been wondering how you’ve been! how’s life? how’s school?” text. You’ll definitely make them smile.

5) “end your day with 3 things you’re grateful for”

I actually did something like this at one point, and I don’t know why I stopped, but this is happening again starting now. Anytime something makes you smile or makes you happy, write it down in a journal or in a note in your phone. At the end of the week, looking back at this long list will make you smile 10x more and will make you realize how grateful you are for every little thing 🙂

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