Why You Should And Shouldn’t Room With Your Friend

On second thought, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea

Pursuing education outside of your hometown can be a daunting and rewarding experience at the same time. New life, new habits, new schedule. A lot of people renting a place to stay choose to room with their friends. While it can seem like an initially good idea, it may be just as bad, too. Here are some pros and cons of rooming with your friends:

+PRO: You already know each other. There’s no initial “awkward” moment where you have to get used to each other since you were already friends which can drastically ease the homesickness, moving in process and getting along.

-CON: You might not know each other. Sure you were already friends before and you both laughed at each other’s inside jokes. But you never really lived together. This change might make you discover annoying habits and behaviours about your friend you otherwise would have ignored.

+PRO: You’ll never feel too lonely. What’s the worst case scenario? You don’t have any plans on a Friday night? Well, your roommate can keep you company or can even include you in their plans too.

-CON: A good friend doesn’t mean a good roommate. This is a followup from the last downside. You’re spending most of those 24/7s’ with your friend. If any drama happened to knock on the door because your friend always forgets to wash the dishes or because they left their dirty shirt on the couch, things can tend to get polarizing between you two. Consequence:  you end up talking to your other friends about all the frustrating habits your roommate has in the apartment.

+PRO: You won’t be stuck with a weird roommate. I think this sub-title speaks for itself. Getting a stranger for a roommate can be compared to buying a lottery ticket. With a friend as a roommate you’ll be tipping the odds in your favour.

-CON: You might meet less people. Having a friend as a roommate can be used as an excuse to avoid pushing yourself to meet new people and form new relationships.

Ultimately the choice will come down to you. But always keep in mind what you want in a roommate and what you have in a friend to be able to make the most out of your decision. And never make that decision impulsively. Always give yourself some time to think.


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