Owning a Pet: The Pros and Cons


It gets a little lonely sometimes. Some people get a pet to fill that loneliness, but owning a pet has its ups and downs. Here are the pros and cons of owning a little companion (be it fish, dog, turtle, ferret etc):



  • You have a buddy to look after the place
  • Stress reliever when you pet, talk and play with them (maybe not so much with a fish)
  • You can feed them your food scraps
  • They can learn cool tricks
  • Bond together by spending time teaching them tricks or how to behave
  • You will learn patience and responsibility
  • You’ll receive love from them
  • Studies have shown that it can improve mental health
  • You are giving the animal a home, saving it from a shelter
  • Helps you learn to organize your time
  • Can protect you (dogs can bark to warn you, but don’t expect a turtle to beat up a burgalar)
  • Can bite your enemies (if it has teeth), but you probably shouldn’t teach them how to do this if you don’t want to be charged for assault.



  • There is a possibility that you will return home to a mess
  • They may be always begging for food and attention
  • You have to feed them
  • They might be too stubborn or unintelligent to learn any tricks or perform them properly
  • It takes a lot of time to teach them tricks and how to behave
  • They can be distracting or try to distract you from work
  • They can be really needy
  • You could receive hate instead of love from them
  • Allergies (if you are not allergic your guests might be)
  • Costs to get and care for a pet
  • Having to clean up smelly excretory waste
  • Another thing on your schedule
  • They can be noisy which might disrupt your sleep
  • Can harm you if not trained properly- bites, scratches etc


This being said, the decision and merits of owning a pet is ultimately up to the type of pet, the pet itself, your personal preferences and how both of you will get along. If all else fails, it doesn’t hurt (other than the emotional suffering of humiliation) to own a pet rock.



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