Struggle Is Real: 5 Struggles all Western Students Will Appreciate in the Winter

Winter weather is great for the first snowfall but then it gets old real fast, and the winter can become a bit of a downer; especially when you have to spend it on Western campus. These are 5 struggles, in no particular order, that most university students will relate to now that snow has struck!


  1. Has London ever heard of sidewalk plows? Walking to campus through the thick slush and unsure footing turns the fifteen minute jaunt into a replacement for the gym, not to mention a health hazard.
  2. Arriving to class looking like you just conquered Mount Everest. You bundle up, brave the cold at a brisk pace, then walk into the building and feel like your body temperature has quadrupled. You walk into class with red cheeks, windblown hair, a sniffly nose, and you’re struggling to get out of your heat-trap of a jacket – not your best look.
  3. Bus schedules become more of a guessing and waiting game. You check the LTC app, good to go, then the bus comes 20 minutes late…thanks LTC.
  4. The Tim Horton’s line is unusually long, even for campus. All everybody wants is something warm to hold onto during their way to class – schedule an extra 15 minutes for your pre-class beverage break.
  5. No more snow-days. There is nothing more motivating for skipping class than hearing that the elementary and secondary schools in London have cancelled school for the day but campus for some reason is still open. Sure, campus has shut down for a few days in the past, but not nearly with the frequency we were graced with for the rest of our schooling.

There you have it – obviously there are a lot more struggles when it comes to the winter months, so bundle up and remember; at least you don’t have to shovel (unless you do)!


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