University: Say Goodbye to Your High School BFF?


Adele and I were the best of friends in high school.

Not sure which dress to wear to semi? Ask Adele – she always knows what’s in fashion.

Don’t know the answer to a calc problem? Adele will help – she’s always a step ahead of me in school.

Got rejected by a boy? Adele always makes me feel better – she truly understands me.

Adele and I did everything together. We had the same spare, period 2, so that we could discuss the latest boy troubles/parent problems/friend issues, and of course, get some homework done.

We were taking the same science courses so that we could both get into Western Med Sci and become doctors.

We flipped through the pages of the Western Residence Guide and squealed over the excitement of our plan to live together in Elgin Hall, a suite-style residence, where we could continue to spend our homework-doing/gossip-telling/boy-fathoming lives.

But then Adele went to a University of Toronto open house. And that’s when it all changed. She decided to accept her offer to U of T Life Science. “Oh no, I didn’t apply to U of T. Maybe Adele picked the better school for us. Maybe I should have applied there and we could’ve made everything work out” were my thoughts for a few days. My dreams to be at Western would mean that I wouldn’t have a homework-buddy, I wouldn’t have someone to answer all my questions, I wouldn’t have someone to cheer me up when I’m sad, and I wouldn’t have a best friend. Boy, was I upset! I had already known that Western was the place for me, and now the only thing missing was my ultimate BFFL.

I still accepted my offer to Western Med Sci and convinced myself that I could have the best year of my life, even if Adele couldn’t be there.

And believe it or not, I managed just fine without Adele. Sure, we still text and FaceTime pretty often, and she’s till my best friend, but I was able to make a new life for myself and become an independent adult.

I arrived at Med Syd Hall, where I was greeted by a ton of sophs at the window of my car, and right then, I knew I made the best decision coming to this place. Our floor played icebreaker games to introduce ourselves to each other, and that’s when I almost instantly became best friends with two lovely girls. They’re also in Med Sci and we spend endless time together talking about school, boys, parents, friends, and every single issue imaginable. These friends are just as great as Adele. In fact, I’ve already told them all about Adele and told Adele all about them.

If any grade 12 students out there are reading this, please don’t be afraid to take a risk by choosing the university you really love, and don’t be as frightened as I was to leave behind your best friend. Going to different universities doesn’t mean that everything is over. I am definitely proof that it will all be okay.


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