The Types Of People You Will See Walking In The Snow


There’s something so mystical about the world when it’s covered in snow. Maybe it’s the white-grey gradient that the ground makes with the sky. Maybe it’s that falling fluff melting agains your cheeks as you try to make your way while trying not to slip.

Or maybe it’s just that blue colour of your frostbitten fingers.

Everyone has a “thing” for the snow. You hate it or you love it. When walking on campus, you may notice some recurring traits about the mustangs passing you by. Here are the 5 common ones:

1- The Goose: Winter turned this mustang into a goose awaiting further weather change. Canada Goose is one of Western’s favourite jackets. And why not? They’re quite warm to be honest. Distribution: Campus wide.

2- The tank top guy: Because who needs clothes to stay warm when you have guns? This guy’s sheer power of will is enough to get him to the gym in a tank top. And I’m just laying in bed all snuggled up watching Friends on Netflix. Distribution: Around the rec centre.

3- “That Typical Western Girl”: And I use quotes because, believe it or not, Maclean’s has an article discussing that stereotype and how some personality traits associated with it are over exaggerated. However it does admit that some people do fit the physical description: Uggs, Canada Goose jacket, iPhone and the occasional Lululemon.

4- The European: This guy wears a three or six buttoned coat, leather gloves and a scarf (because apparently, scarves on men are frowned down upon here).

This list might not be complete, so feel free to mention any odd trait you might notice too!

The next time you go around campus, take a look around, maybe you will notice some of these and other types of mustangs.


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