How to Deal With the Cold and Snow

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It didn’t snow that much in December of 2014. Many people’s holiday spirits lower when there is a lack of snow during the holidays, but what’s even more disappointing is when it snows heavy in the months after December. Who wants to deal with the freezing wind, slushy sidewalks and icy roads on their way to school? Here is a list of ways to deal with the cold and the snow whether you are at school or at home:


Add Another Layer to Your Boots

Wearing two layers of socks can be uncomfortable and wearing fuzzy socks can be quite embarrassing. The solution: boot liners and insoles. This is especially helpful if your boots don’t have enough insulation. Both liners and insoles go inside the boot, and stay inside to add an extra layer of warmth and comfort. These can be found in local stores like Wal-Mart or online on sites like A­mazon and eBay.


Stay Hydrated

It takes energy for our bodies to retain heat. It is important to replenish fluids loss during our body’s metabolic processes. Same can be said with food, ensure to eat enough to keep your body energized. Eat small snacks often and remember to drink, whether its coffee, tea, hot chocolate or warm water.


Don’t Drink Alcohol

This applies for school because of legal reasons. This also applies outside of school for health reasons. Despite the myth that drinking alcohol makes you feel warm, it is actually dangerous to drink in the cold. The effects of alcohol such as flush cheeks may make it seem like you are warm, but the core of your body will lower in temperature. This is because blood vessels near the surface of the skin are dilating, making the skin feel warm while taking away the heat away from the core of the body, where vital organs are. So while drinking alcohol in the cold may seem like a good way to warm up, it can lead to harm.


When Going Out, Go With a Buddy

The unexpected could happen: a snow storm, a car accident, a tree falling down from the wind, hypothermia… The snow and cold is a common thing in Canada that many get used to, which makes it easy to forget the possible dangers in this weather. If you are going out, ensure that someone is accompanying you in case an emergency arises.


Good luck and stay warm!



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