Med Syd Frost Week

Last week of school was probably one of the best weeks, especially for frosh, and especially for Med Syd Hall! My residence had a lovely team of frosh to organize Frost Week for the residence.

I had no idea what Frost Week was or even that it existed (until residences started selling frost week kits in December). When I got back to residence last Sunday, everyone was pumped for Frost Week and had already started planning out every day and night. As my R.A. made it clear: “Frost Week is like O-Week but round 2, and you know everyone already, so it’s even more fun!”. I’d have to say that he was correct!

Luckily for most students, the homework and study load was pretty easy to handle along with all the activities res had to offer.

One of the best nights in Med Syd was the Frosted Dance in the formal lounge, with black lights and a DJ. I don’t know about you, but friends + dancing = best time ever.

The runner-up, according to my floormates, was the “Scavenger Hunt Bucket List Challenge”. Everyone got into small teams and had to perform a bunch of challenges, and take pictures to document it all. The team who completed the most challenges won. Some of these challenges were: eat a spoonful of butter, serenade a caf worker, make a gross mix of caf food and eat it, propose to a stranger and get a ‘yes’, drink straight from the pop machine, etc. All I can say is that university students love to get crazy sometimes!

Another great event was the carnival! Unfortunately, it was too cold outside for a lot of people to join, but the event included inflatable jousting, cotton candy, popcorn, and a BeaverTails truck!

As well, we all love to torture our sophs, right? Just kidding… but “Frost Your Soph” was a fun game of throwing condiments on your soph.

A bunch of other small events like sledgehammer bingo (when you win you have to smash a melon, and if you can’t, you get a pie thrown in your face), Harry Potter movie marathon, snowball fights, and dodgeball filled the rest of our days and nights.

I hope you all made the most of your Frost Week! Now let’s just try to get back into the “school mode” 🙂


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