Western Worships


University is the time we make some of the biggest decisions of our lives.

Who will I be?
What will I stand for?
What now?
Is there more than this?

This is what ‘Western Worships’ is for. To seek after God, as one.

It doesn’t matter what background you come from, what faculty you are in, whether you grew up in the church or have never stepped in one, YOU are invited.

YOU are welcome.

The Christian clubs on Western campus including:

  • Asian Christian Fellowship
  • Athletes in Action
  • Chinese Christian Fellowship
  • Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
  • Korean Christian Fellowship
  • The Navigators
  •  Power to Change
    have united, to seek after God together.

This is a night where we seek after truth, as one.
Where we will hear some student stories of how they found hope, purpose and life in Jesus. We will sing, we will dance, and we will seek after truth together!

This night is not about us or our clubs.

This is about you and God.

We simply want to provide a space where you can explore these questions in a safe place.
So come sing and dance with us, and experience the love of God that is waiting for you.

Hey guys! Welcome back from the very appreciated winter break! To kick off the new year, I am SO exited to attend Western Worships this Sunday!!!! I’m incredibly proud to be sharing this incredible evening with all you guys! A night like this has never happened at Western and we are so fortunate to be able to collaborate alongside these other groups and bring praise and glory to our Lord Almighty!

I’m really praying the evening will be such a success, that there will be many more Western Worships in the future!

To shed even more light on this incredible evening, click on the YouTube link for more info!


7pm THIS sunday in the UCC on campus!



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