Looking Ahead…

Happy New Year!

I always find it funny (and rather alarming) that come January of a new year, one must already not only be looking ahead to the upcoming term, but also must be considering the upcoming summer and even, the school year after that! It may seem conflicting when you consider your newly-made “live in the moment” New Year’s resolution, but there just doesn’t seem to be a way to avoid planning ahead, especially as a student!

I just wanted to use this post as a chance to highlight some of the great oppourtunities you can begin to investigate for the summer and upcoming school year! I know I’m inspired by other people’s experiences, so here are some great ways to get involved on campus in both the summer and the 2015-2016 school year!

Success Leader Positions

There are so many roles available for students of all years, from all faculties! I’ve been a Peer Mentor for first years, a 2.0 Peer Mentor, as well as a Leadership Chair, and all 3 roles have been awesome! I’ve met so many great people through these programs!

DUE JANUARY 13: Student Coordinator Hiring:

DUE JANUARY 15: SAO Leader Hiring:

DUE JANUARY 20: Leadership Chair & Team Leader Hiring:

DUE FEBRUARY 27: General Success Leader Hiring:

FEBRUARY 2015 (Due Date TBA): Scholars’ Hiring

website: http://success.uwo.ca/leadership/success_centre_programs/success_leader_program.html

Soph Positions

The soph application period for faculty and OC sophs runs this January from the 7th to the 21st. I haven’t been a soph, but from friends I know that this is an unparalleled experience. Definitely apply if you think this might be something you’d like; you won’t regret it!

Career Central

There are just a ton of great jobs, volunteer oppourtunities, internships, awards etc. posted regularly on here. This is definitely a site to keep an eye on now and then!


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