Rough roads ahead…

We’re now on the last day of January, which is also roughly one-third of the way through the second semester! January was a place of beginnings. It began with the hopes for the New Year, and bright was that hope, fueled as it was by fresh memories of family, turkey and laughter. Despite the harsh... Continue Reading →

Canadian Blood Services Donor Clinics!

Since this past Tuesday, the Canadian Blood Services have set up base in the Mustang Lounge at the UCC and are welcoming blood donations. When I first heard about this event, I immediately became interested and wanted to know more. Being an organ donor, I thought that donating my blood was just one more thing... Continue Reading →

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

One of my biggest winter peeves is having my relatively not-too-dry-and-gross lips transform into a cracked, chapped and bleeding wasteland of dead skin. For me, this means no lipsticks, lip stains or anything besides copious amounts of Burt's Bees, Nivea and Vaseline until the summer. My 2 solutions were: shelling out $10 for a lip exfoliant... Continue Reading →

When That Song Comes On…

My roommate is this super, up-to-date pop culture queen and often puts my limited knowledge about music and films to shame. So, over the time that I've known her, I've come up with ways to keep my dignity when an apparently popular song comes on and I simply cannot recall the words, or more often... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit of Inspiration

My parents enjoy leaving intriguing magazine articles open around the house. One article definitely caught my eye. It gives 70 tips to keep you young and inspired (it's meant for a little more… 'elderly' people but I think we can all benefit from it). Here's a few of the tips I think that we, as... Continue Reading →

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