Prep 101 for Social Media Sites

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Are you one of those people who really don’t know how to use social media site? Recently, I came across a BuzzFeed video that reminded me of a lot of my friends. Being the one who is always on a social media site, I know a heck lot more about the Internet world than my friends like to admit so I thought I’d write this post for those of you who never seem to have gotten the hang of “tweeting” or “pinning”.



Usually this is the one site that everyone kinda knows how to navigate. As university students, we know that 95% of the communication regarding parties, events, and online assignment answers happens in the posts of Facebook’s realm. The key term for Facebook is “like”. Facebook likes have different meanings, depending on the post. If it’s a happy post, you like it to let  the author that you share their happiness. If it’s a sad post, you like it to show your sympathy. Another term that gets thrown around is “poke”. But don’t go around virtually poking people – it’s just annoying.



The world of Twitter is confined to short bursts of 140 characters. Generally it’s the place that people throw mostly useless, but sometimes amusing little bits of information, such as “Just got out of the shower” or “#TGIF”. The hashtag is most popular on Twitter, as it has a whole section where you can view trending hashtags. To “tweet” something is to type out a 140 character post about something and to “retweet” it is to share someone else’s tweet on your own timeline. Like Facebook’s “like” system, you can “favourite” a tweet to show the author that you agree with them on something.Whether you want to investigate an ex’s new girlfriend or your favourite actor’s life, Twitter is a stalker’s ultimate tool.



Instagram is very much like public cloud storage for your pictures. Your followers “like” your pictures by tapping on a little heart below your picture. For a non-artsy person like me, Instagram is mainly a place where I can make my selfies look kind of better with filters. However, there is a true professional aspect to Instagram and you can find many dedicated and talented artists and photographers too.



Tumblr is the Pandora’s Box of the internet. Fandoms have built empires here, while artists and writers have grown successful blogs with much care. Depending on what side of Tumblr you see, you can encounter crazy fandoms and ships such as Johnlock or avid photographers and writers who grace the Internet with their talents. Since Tumblr is a blogging site, the terminology is pretty simple. You can “reblog” something to your own blog if you feel like it’ll add to your blog or “like” a post. A defining characteristic of Tumblr is the genuine, witty humour of the blogging community and their remarkable Photoshop skills. No, seriously.

Yik Yak


Yik Yak has recently gained popularity, especially in college campuses. It’s basically like an anonymous Twitter which shows you media in your area. So if the business class has another hard case, or if another bio exam is failed, you will hear about it. If someone likes your “Yak”, it gets “upvoted”. However, if you have earned the displeasure of the voter, you may get “down voted”. Voting can only happen once, so vote carefully.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If you did, comment below what your favourite social media site is!

Till next time,


P.S. This is the BuzzFeed that I mentioned earlier 


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