Interview with an Alumni


My older sister graduated from Western in 2010 with a B.A. (psychology), and again in 2013 with a J.D. (law). She was at Western for 7 long years and definitely has a lot to say about her experience here. I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier, but I asked her some questions in my quest to learn a little more about Western and London, and decided to share her answers with all of you:

How was your experience in undergrad and law school?
I had a great experience in both undergrad and law school. Undergrad was a really exciting and fun time for me, but also overwhelming. Living away from home for the first time, meeting so many new people, getting involved in different clubs and activities, and of course getting used to harder courses and figuring out what I wanted to eventually do with my life! When it came time for law school, I was already so comfortable on campus and living in London – it felt like home and was a very easy transition.
Where was your favourite place to study?
During undergrad my favourite study spot was the main floor of Weldon. I loved the big desks with plugs for my laptop. In law school I lived on my own, so I studied at my apartment – no noise or distractions.
What was your favourite course?
It was definitely film studies in first year. I loved how we got to watch a movie once a week – it didn’t really feel like a class.
What was your favourite event on campus?
It was always frosh week. It is the best time of year since everyone is so excited to be back on campus, and there isn’t any work yet! There were always so many different events going on.
Where was your favourite place to eat on campus and in London?
Salad Bowl on campus. Healthy, delicious, and quick. My favourite place to eat in London was Gozen (best sushi) and Bangkok Pad Thai.
What was your favourite thing to do for fun in London? 
Going to Covent Garden Market on the weekends! There are so many different booths with delicious and interesting food and desserts. I also loved going for breakfast with friends on the weekends.
What was your favourite memory from all your years at Western?
It would have to be my first Splash Bash event. I had heard about it for years and it was so much fun to finally experience it for myself.
What’s one tip you have for any Western student?
My best tip is just to enjoy your time at Western because it goes by so fast! Take advantage of every opportunity to meet new people and get outside of your comfort zone.


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