Get Prepped… REALLY Prepped!

It can be hard to balance the load of final exams coming up, but it can be even harder to develop proper studying techniques, or to even know how to start studying in the first place. All of the course material in each class can be overwhelming, and for some this is multiplied by five. Well have no fear, because Prep101 is here! [insert shameless plug here]. I bet some of you know about these amazing course preparation sessions, but for those who don’t it’s about time you do. Seriously, it has become a life saver for some of my courses. The instructors literally go over everything you need to know in order to ace your exam. From trick questions to basic exam structure, they give you over 200 pages of practice questions and exams. Not to mention the several examples you work through together during the prep session. So, if there are some exams you’re feeling a little unsure about then don’t be afraid to check their website out. The sessions for this exam season may be mostly over, but they will definitely have some more coming up, so keep checking from time to time.



Above: me repping my sick Math 1228 work booklet!! Literally the main reason I’m surviving the course.

Prep101 Courses offered here at Western can be found here:

I’m going to keep my blog post short, because I know everyone is super pumped now to get prepped for their exams (I know I am 😉 ) But seriously, good luck guys! Keep calm, and prep on! [End cheesy blog post here] Oh… and just to lighten the mood, here are some rather inspirational photos.


Okay… now I’m done for real.


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