What’s Happening At Western? How To Keep Up With The News.


Better grab your books and coffee mugs, exam week is right around the corner. With that being said, it might be hard to keep up with current events (both official and unofficial) happening around campus. Here’s a few ways to pass the time on the way to the library:

The Gazette: This one might seem obvious, but a lot of people just ignore the fact that Western has a daily newspaper! It can be picked up from almost any building. You can also read the articles on its website. The Gazette will provide you with official events happening around (outside of Western too) as well as some opinion articles.

USecrets Western and UMentioned Western: Both of these are Facebook pages that you can follow, the former posting more frequently than the latter. What’s great about these is the anonymity that they provide. You can judge how popular a specific topic is at western by the comments and likes for each post. They can revolve around practically anything.

Yik Yak: I should warn you, this app can be addictive and distracting. Yik Yak is a location based multi-platform mobile app that lets you read anonymous messages or “yaks” as they’re called from anyone around you. You have the choice to up-vote or down-vote yaks and comment on them. Yik Yak is a good way to keep up with student opinions and thoughts in your area, but you’ll also come across funny news from other faculties or lectures happening around you.

Happy studying Mustangs. Here’s to your sleepless nights; because it’s not really a university experience without them.


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