Support Ontario Beta in their Phi-ght for Literacy!

Spending the first six years of my life in a country where being able to afford an education is a luxury for many, I am very grateful to have received an excellent education during my early years. When I moved to Canada, a highly developed country, I was very content to see not only the high quality of education here, but also that so many more children can practice their right to receive an education. However, despite Canada, or North America in general, having one of the highest literacy rates in the world, there are still many individuals in North American that have poor literacy skills. And, because of these poor skills, many will not graduate high school, will barely earn enough to stay above poverty levels, and will be more likely to participate in criminal and anti-social behaviour.

My reason for writing this piece is not only to bring awareness about the fact that illiteracy is not something that is only present in developing countries, but also to educate people about the Pi Beta Phi Foundation. Pi Beta Phi’s philosophy of Read > Lead > Achieve® consists of centuries of service and numerous volunteers with the hope to produce a love for reading in young children today. The Literacy Fund of the Pi Beta Phi Foundation supports multiple reading initiatives; including Arrow in the Arctic, which involves collecting books for communities in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, as well as Champions are Readers ®, a unique reading enrichment program for children in prekindergarten through the third grade. Currently, chapters of Pi Beta Phi at universities throughout Canada and the United States are raising money for these initiatives. I kindly ask you to support my sorority, Pi Beta Phi Ontario Beta, in their goal of raising $2275 for literacy by December 3rd, 2014. Please help my sorority in their fight for literacy and to better educate children in our country!

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