So that was Interstellar?!

NOTE: If you have not seen the movie yet, there are spoilers. You have been warned.

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Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar came out a few weeks ago. Not really an avid movie watcher myself, I didn’t really care too much for the hype that surrounded Interstellar. However, my roommate was adamant that we go watch the movie as soon as it came out. So, I grudgingly tagged along a Tuesday evening and found myself completely blown away. While it may not have been Nolan’s most successful works, it really knows how to appeal to an educated audience. Cooper ( played by Matthew McConaughey) is this super smart and talented pilot go goes in search of another planet for humans to live on. It sounds like a simple idea but here’s the catch: time travels at a different speed in space and he would miss out on the majority of the lives of his children Murphy and Tom. While I can’t describe the whole movie ( I’d be here for a week), I thought I’d share my reaction to some of the most “important” parts of the movie.

What happens as you watch Interstellar:

Five minutes into the movie and Cooper hacks into an Air Force drone and you’re like

Are you kidding me

Murphy thinks there’s a ghost in her room that’s trying to communicate with her and you can’t help but feel that there’s a connection but your average sized brain can’t seem to find any connection


Cooper gets asked to pilot a top secret, super dangerous space mission  that will make him miss his children’s’ lives and HE FREAKING ACCEPTS and you want to scream at him and cry with Murphy.



Due to time dilation on Miller’s planet and Amelia’s (aka Anne Hathaway) attempt at heroism, Cooper loses two decades of Earth time. As he watches all of the video messages that his family has sent him, you cry along with him because really, what else can you do?


The crew lands on Mann’s planet and finds Commander Mann, who claims that his planet does indeed have some hope and now everyone can go home and everything will be okay!



Turns out Mann is a heartless, back-stabbing liar who lied about his planet being a viable option so that he can go home with Cooper’s ship and tries to kill Cooper while trying to get to the ship.

And you’re like…


I hate you Mann. I. HATE. YOU.

To make matters worse, you find out that dear old Dr. Brand had already deduced that this mission was impossible and that there was no hope for Cooper or any of his crew mates. 


But luckily Amelia comes to save Cooper and our hero is saved. Mann, on the other hand, dies as he tries to improperly secure an airlock. 


R.I.P. Commander.

At this point, you settle into your seat thinking that they’re going to give up on their stupid mission and go home when a great idea seizes hold of Cooper’s mind: why not let Amelia slingshot around Edmund’s planet while I JUMP INTO A BLACK HOLE WITH A ROBOT?!

*cue audience screaming with rage*


I did not go through 3 hours to watch you jump to your death Cooper. No. Just no.

Surprisingly enough, Cooper ends up in the singularity…alive? As he unlocks the secrets of the “aliens” and the mystery of time as a dimension, pieces of your brain start to explode.


No ghost Murph, just your old man traveling time in a black hole. No biggie.

Cooper wakes up years later at a NASA station, after Murphy’s lead the human race away from Earth using the equation that Cooper had sent her through Morse code in the singularity. He’s reunited with his daughter in the last few moments of her life and you try to hold back tears but fail miserably.


Oh no…

Left alone, Cooper goes out to search for Amelia, who is in the process of making Edmund’s planet habitable. Turns out there is hope for the human race after all.


As I was typing this article out, I realized that Interstellar was an extremely complicated and intense movie and I am absolute rubbish as explaining it. However, if you understood what I was trying to say and could relate, comment below what your favourite part of the movie was!

One last gif to explain my current understanding of Interstellar:


We’ll get there eventually 😉

– Shaily


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