“You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” – The Help

Despite not being a Catholic, I chose to attend a Catholic high school. Before entering high school, I was not a religious person. Yes, I did believe in a higher entity and yes, I followed certain traditions and customs of my religion. However, I did not have a definite and secure connection with my faith. Nonetheless, as I learned more about Catholicism and religion in general, my relationship with God and belief in my faith were both strengthened. Hence, even though I no longer attend a Catholic educational institution, I still follow a Catholic routine, which involves attending church on Sundays.

For those unaware of exactly what a Catholic mass is, one very important component of the mass is the homily conducted by the priest. The homily is a commentary that follows a reading of scripture and is meant for spiritual edification rather than doctrinal instruction. In last Sunday’s homily, the priest took a twenty dollar bill and offered the bill to the members of the congregation. However, before the priest handed the bill to someone, he crumpled it, and then dropped it on the ground and started to grind the bill into the floor with his shoe. Next, the priest asked who still wanted the bill and as expected, many hands went up in the air. The priest then said something that will remain with me for the rest of my life: “No matter what I did with the money everyone wanted it as crumpling, dropping and dirtying it did not decrease its value. But why is it that when we are crumpled, dropped, or are ground into the dirt by circumstances presented to us by life that we feel worthless?” When the priest had said these statements, I, like everyone else in the church, was not only baffled but were obliged to pause and reflect on what the priest had just said. How often do we feel that we have no purpose on this earth when things do not turn out the way we hope them to? Do we not feel as if we have no worth when we fail at something? It is unfortunate that we feel this way but it is the truth. However, no matter what has happened or will happen, one will never lose their value. Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, we are priceless to the ones who love us and God because the worth of our lives is not dependent on what we do or what we know, but rather by who we are as individuals.


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