Bee and PuppyCat and Top Female Filmmaker on Kickstarter

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Who is Natasha Allegri and why is she so popular? How come a 28 year old with no major awards or any experience in Hollywood became the most successful female filmmaker on Kickstarter? The answer to Natasha’s huge success is simple: Bee and PuppyCat.


Natasha Allegri works for the popular company Frederator, specifically as a character designer and storyboard revisionist for the hit cartoon Adventure Time. Frederator also produced other hit cartoons such as Fairly Odd Parents, Bravest Warriors, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and Fanboy and Chum Chum. The company’s reputation and Natasha’s work for Adventure Time contributed to the huge success of Bee and PuppyCat’s KickStarter and pilot episode. The Kickstarter project has received about $900 000 and the pilot episode, which aired on April 6, 2013, has +4 million views on YouTube.bpc4

So how does someone come up with a viral, million dollar idea for a cartoon? In an interview Natasha says that she is greatly influenced by old cartoons that she watched in her childhood. She combined some aspects from her favourite cartoons with events that happened in her life to form the plot for Bee and PuppyCat. When Natasha first proposed the idea for Bee and PuppyCat, however, it was rejected. A few hours later Frederator realized the Bee and Puppycat ‘s potential. It’s a good thing Frederator changed their mind, otherwise they would have let a million dollar idea gone to waste.bpc1

Bee and Puppycat received a lot of funding and support, making it go viral instantly. Many of the viewers like the show because they feel that they can relate to the protagonist Bee, a woman in her twenties who is trying to figure out what to do with her life. Bee is also unemployed, but that all changes when she encounters Puppycat, a weird and mysterious dog-cat hybrid that works for a magical temp agency. Puppycat’s connection to the temp agency becomes Bee’s new source of income as the duo work together to complete hilarious intergalactic tasks to pay the rent. While many fans like the plot, many said that they also enjoy the spontaneity, humour and Puppycat’s unique voice. Puppycat’s unique voice is generated from VOCALOID, a vocal synthesizer software. VOCALOID has a huge fan base already so many VOCALOID fans enjoy Bee and Puppycat as well, increasing Bee and Puppycat’s fan base.

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Although Bee and Puppycat has exponentially grown popular for a fairly new series, the creators still need all the support they can get for the series to maintain its full potential. Why not check out the first episode?bpc2

Check out their Kickstarter
Checkout an interview with Natasha
Visit the wiki
Watch the prologue (pilot episode)
Watch the first episode
Watch the second episode

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