Another Lecture Down


Hi everyone! The days seem to simply fly by and it’s so easy to see two weeks go by and not have it click that you haven’t written a post. As most of you have probably figured out by now, I’m a list person. Most of my blog posts come up in the form of lists. As I was sitting in class, zoned out as usual, I realized that a lot of people were doing a lot of really annoying things. Not pointing any fingers here because I probably do some of those things myself, I thought I’d write this post, not to criticize anyone, but to bring some things into light so that we all can be a little more conscious of them.

Top 5 Annoying Habits of Students in Lectures:


1) Talking to your friend while the professor is talking: Sometimes you’re not in the mood to listen to your physics prof talk about the theory of relativity and I totally get that. However, no one is forcing you to sit in class and you’re more than welcome to take your conversation out of the lecture hall. 500 students all whispering to their neighbours can get incredibly loud. Not only is it rude to the prof, but it’s also unfair to all of the people around you who genuinely want to listen to what the prof has to say.


2) Opening up a wrapper or bag of _______ during the most important part of the lecture: I’m sure all of you have had one of those experiences where the prof was explaining a really important topic and you totally missed the highlight of his/her speech because the person beside you was trying (and failing) to open a food item without making a racket. To that person: there’s no such thing as “opening a bag of chips quietly” so  please plan ahead and open your bag of chips before or after the most important slide ever.


3) Seat Hogging:  It’s always nice to sit through a two hour lecture with your friends. However, if you’re one of those super popular people with a million friends, know that you don’t need to save all of them seats. If I can’t sit even five seats away from you because you’ve claimed that seat for a friend too, we have a problem. Try to limit the number of seats you save to three, so that everyone has a fair claim to a good seat. Also, your backpack does not count as a person, therefore it does not need a seat. That is all.


4) Stealing Seats: This one sounds a little absurd but I’ve had my seat stolen more than a couple times just this semester so I assure you that this is a real thing. What I mean by stealing a seat is this: when you see someone patiently standing in front of a seat, waiting for the previous person to vacate the seat, it means that they have the genuine intention of sitting down there. If you brush them aside and make yourself at home in that seat, you have now stolen that seat. It’s like someone stealing your parking spot when you have a signal going and have been waiting for much longer for that spot. Please be more aware of your surroundings when you take a seat because you might be accidentally taking someone else’s seat. If the signal is blinking, that spot is mine. Do not take my spot.


5) Invading others’ space: In a tightly packed lecture hall, it’s pretty hard to resist the urge to claim some more space than what you’re given with your seat. However, putting your feet up on chairs in front of you that have someone sitting on them or taking up both armrests is being greedy and rude. Please be mindful of the space that others need to be given and resist the urge to violate that.

And that’s a wrap! I hope this helped bring out some things that I think all of us are guilty of doing at some time. There are a lot of lectures to attend still, so by reducing the occurrence of the above habits, we all can have a more comfortable learning experience!


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