Vegas Baby

Each year, every residence provides first year students with an annual semi-formal.  There is a different theme chosen for each residence. In case you didn’t understand the title reference, Ontario Hall’s theme was Vegas.

Glitz, glamour, money – you name it.

When I first heard about this, I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to get dressed up, kick on a pair of heels and strut around campus.

As the event approached, I realized that fewer  people were planning on attending semi. None of my close friends were going, so I thought semi wouldn’t be as much fun without them. As an alternate, I planned on going to the Santa Claus Parade in London with another friend but we cancelled the trip because it was too cold.

So, it was 8 o’clock on a Saturday night and I was contemplating what to do for the rest of the evening. I settled on listening to Taylor Swift and eating popcorn. The thrill of the party right here, everyone.

As I was enjoying Netflix, my roommate entered the room after writing her midterm and asked me, “So you coming tonight?”

I told her no, it was too late and she was so disappointed.

The dance started at 10pm and that is the moment I decided to attend. No time like the present right?

Someone posted on the Ontario Hall Facebook page that they were selling three tickets $15 cheaper than the original price, so how could I resist going?

My amazing roommate willingly offered her hair curling skills and I frantically rushed around gathering my dress and borrowing heels.

1482741_793630890679045_903062737984485933_nMe and the Roomie (Hayley)

As soon as I entered the Wave, I could see everyone on the dance floor rocking it out. I thought people would be too timid to be dancing, and semi would be like any other high school dance. Boy was I wrong.

The set list consisted of only the best dance tunes:

  • Fancy
  • Problem
  • Latch Remix
  • Jump On It
  • Wiggle
  • Talk Dirty
  • Low
  • Cha-cha slide
  • Everybody (Backstreet Boys)
  • Wannabe
  • and so many more..

Thank you Spencer Baird for being such a rad DJ.


There were photographers everywhere capturing only the best moments. There was even a lovely photobooth set up with dollar bills flying everywhere and a fierce leopard.


The downside to the evening was that I had to wear heels the ENTIRE night. I got away half of the night in my stockings, but security caught me and I had to painfully manoeuver the dance floor in my heels. All blisters set aside, I whipped out all the best dance moves. I didn’t even realize the pain until I took a water break and sat down. Getting back onto the floor was the most difficult part, but once I was back on, there was no stopping me.


My highlight of the evening was definitely the dance circle. It is tradition that at each dance, there is a dance circle involved. Everyone gathers round and claps their hands to the beat. Everyone is eager to see someone step forward, yet no one is gutsy enough to step forward themselves. There were a few brave souls who stepped in to salvage the moment.


Nevertheless, the evening was wonderfully put together, and I along with many others had a wonderful time.

I’m looking forward to the formal at the end of the year to kick my dancing shoes on again.

There are multiple other Semi formals coming up:

Heath Sciences: Tonight starting at 10 pm @ the Wave!

Med-Syd: November 15th @ the Wave

Science Faculty: November 21 @ the Wave

Off-Campus: November 29th @ the Wave

For more details, all events are found on Facebook!


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