It’s International Week! Every year, Western holds its International Week in November to celebrate all things international that compose our beautiful and rich campus. The purpose of this week is to celebrate Western’s diverse population and international collaborations, educate students, staff, and faculty about international opportunities, and have the London and campus community participate in global learning. A great variety of events will be occurring throughout the week, ensuring that there is something for everyone. If you would like more information about the week and the schedule, you can either go to http://www.uwo.ca/international/week/Schedule.html or Western’s International Booth, which will be open the entire week from 9am to 4 pm in the UCC. You can also pick up your International Week passport at the booth which can be used to win some pretty awesome prizes. One of the main attractions of the week is the International Week opening event, featuring Canadian hip-hop artist Shad as the keynote speaker; he will be presenting this evening at Alumni Hall and tickets are $10. In my opinion, I think that the highlight of international week is all of the different cuisines available throughout campus. For example, if you are craving something Latin American, head over to Sydenham Hall where the International Dining in Residence consists of Latin American dishes. Or, if you are feeling bold and want to try something that is spicy but mouth-watering delicious, come to Perth Hall where the incredible chefs have prepared East Indian delicacies.

As a member of a visible minority group in North America, it is very refreshing and amazing to see my school not only recognize but also appreciate the diversity of cultures that are present at Western. I personally love getting to learn about other cultures as well as sharing my culture with my non-East Indian friends. I am very much looking forward to other activities that will be occurring throughout the week and cannot wait to see what Western’s International Week has to offer.

P.S. If you are thinking about trying an East Indian dish, here is a video of Americans experiencing Indian sweets for the first time.


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