Post-Midterm Favourites

Hey Everyone!

It seems like most people are starting finish up their main wave of midterms by now! I actually just had my last one tonight.

What are some of your favourite ways to wind down from the midterm season? Have you been saving up a TV show to watch? Promising yourself (and maybe your housemates) to clean up your room?

What are some of your favourite ways to unwind and to reward yourself for surviving the lovely midterm season?

Here are 2 of my favourite wind-downs!

1. Catching Up with Friends

Just talking with friends and family can be such a wonderful de-stressor! Connecting with friends over lunch or coffee helps remind me that everyone is feeling so busy this time of the year. It is so nice to share updates, exam stories (haha maybe that’s just me?) and other news! I also love talking with my siblings and parents and hearing about their news and lives. There is just something about connecting with others that grounds me and inspires me all at once.

2. Cooking & Baking

This is a great wind-down for post-midterms, especially because you end up with a delicious final product (usually). Whether you want to attempt a homemade chilli or prefer a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe, getting busy in your kitchen can be quite therapeutic. Make a batch of something to share with your roommates or floor. Or you can also freeze individual portions for yourself too – nothing better than remembering a homemade tart or muffin in your freezer when you get home after a long day!  A friend of mine actually brought homemade cookies to our classes midterm review session last week (it’s a really small class… maybe just 15-20 people?) and you could just tell that it made many of our classmates’ days!

Do you have a favourite way to relax after a busy midterm season? 


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