Gadgets That Would Make Your University Life Easier

Its already been almost two months into university and the stress of midterms have already been lifted off your shoulders giving you time to go shopping for things that you realized is a must have for the second part of this semester. I have realized that I could have bought a lot of things that could have made my life much easier during the first months of my stay here. “Need is the mother of invention” is a term that I never applied in my life as much as I did in the past couple of weeks. Here are a list of gadgets that I bought or planning on buying that would potentially make the rest of my and your university life much easier!

1) Creative HN-900 Noise-cancelling Headphones


After long day of lectures when you come back to finish your assigned readings and questions, you sometimes find yourself struggling to focus on your work when there is a party going on outside or if other floor mates are playing video games out loud; especially on thursdays and Fridays (some people do work on Fridays). Putting on these noise cancelling headphones would allow you do your work much more efficiently as it will allow you to focus on your work more by playing whatever kind of relaxing music you want. You don’t even have to play anything if you don’t want to. These headphones are also affordable by students, giving them an advantage over other much more expensive brands.

2) Solar Backpacks


One of the main handicaps of having a cell phone or a laptop is that the batteries often runout very quickly. These back packs, although pricy, solve this problem by using voltaic cells to harness solar energy and use it to recharge your smartphone or laptop. Not only do they look awesome, but they are also environment-friendly as they help save energy and reduce green house emissions. They also make you feel more productive when walking from lecture to lecture and motivate you to do more outdoor exercise.

3) Livescribe Smart Pen


One of the main aspects of being a student is to take notes efficiently. This pen is one of the most amazing gadgets that I have ever seen! it converts whatever you write on paper to digital form that is automatically sent to your tablet, smartphone or laptop, making it easily accessible electronically. It gets better! While writing notes, this pen can also record lectures and syncs it with your laptop or smartphone so that you can listen to the lectures again without having to borrow other people’s notes. You can listen to lecture just by tapping with your pen on the notes you made from that lecture!

4) Turtle Cell Retractable Earphone Cover


Don’t you really hate it when you headphones become tangled while they are in your pocket? This case solves your problem! For a very affordable price, they offer a case for your smartphone and headphones with a retractable feature that would make your life easier while listening to music. They also offer a good sound quality compared to headphones of that price range.


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