Fall Study Break – Better Late than Never

Couple walking through forest of fall foliage

The countdown to the fall study break begins! Although I have finished with all of my midterms, I still await these four days of R&R with great anticipation. After two weeks of back-to-back exams and assignments, it is like being given a four course meal after starving for half a month. As a result, I have made a plan to carefully ration this gift.

The first thing that I will do when I get home is go for a bike ride through my neighborhood. At this time of year, the towering elm trees in the area (some over three stories) are all vibrant with the colors of fall. Shades of red and yellow gently blanket the ground, and there is that characteristic smell of autumn in the air. Fall is especially beautiful at dawn and at dusk. This is probably one of the last opportunities to go cycling before it gets too cold.

In addition, I look forward to watching a movie with my friends. I have been meaning to watch “Noah” for a long time. Reviews for the movie have been great, and I am a huge fan of Russell Crowe. It should be awesome!

I also plan on getting some work done. I still have a few assignments coming up, and final exams are but a month away. It is good to start preparing for them early.

But above all, I will enjoy spending time with my family and getting some well-deserved rest. It will also be nice to eat home-cooked meals. For the past two weeks, I have lived off of hastily prepared food.

Although this will only be a brief lull in the otherwise supersonic pace of life, it is much appreciated.


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