You’re Somebody’s Type

Hey guys!

This week I want to share with you an amazing experience I had here on campus that I think you guys should checkout! Three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to donate blood to the Canadian Blood Services. Now, this was my first time donating, so I was feeling a little uneasy before I went in. The thought of donating blood had never crossed my mind, until I met a guy at the Western Scholar’s kickoff. He was proudly displaying his “first time donor” sticker on his shirt and I couldn’t help but pull him aside and ask him about his experience. He explained to me that he went to the UCC where the donating process was occurring and he was very pleased with his decision. Talking to him really inspired me, so I decided to go the next week and donate as well.

So, dude from the kickoff, if you are reading this, thank you for the inspiration! You helped saved two lives that day.


Since it was my first time donating, I was hoping I could convince a friend to come with me and we could go through the process together as newbies. I found no such luck. Everyone I talked to either refused or was ‘too busy’ (sorry excuse), but I decided to not let the rejections stand in my way and I trekked it out to the UCC by myself.

Now, if you feel uneasy around the mention of blood, I advise you to stop reading now as I’m about to lead into the topic.

I warned you.

I’m just joking. The process was not graphic at all. If I’m being honest, the prick to test my iron levels was more painful than the donating process itself. After I completed all the paperwork and questionnaire, I was placed in the chair of honour.


I cannot even explain this next part clearly, but I will try my best. After the nurse numbed my arm, injected me with the needle (a needle much larger than I imagined), and rearranged the wires on my small arm, I started to feel tears pool up in my eyes. I refused to let myself cry in front of the nurse. I didn’t want him to question me because I myself did not even understand why I was crying. You see, the tears were not a result of pain or discomfort. The theory I came up with was that I became so emotional because I was doing something of great significance. I was reading that  Canadian Blood Services are very low on blood supply and they’re trying to encourage as many people to help donate.  I guess I was so emotional because the realization hit me that, I am physically helping make a difference in the world.  I’m not usually this sentimental when it comes to these things, but that day was a super important day to me; a very proud and memorable moment. I understand that the concept of donating blood is a terrifying and somewhat time-consuming process, but the results go a long way. It is so incredibly worth it to donate, and it’s available right in the hub of our campus every month. Unbelievable. I don’t mean to guilt trip anyone, but I do really, really encourage everyone to check it out. Nothing feels better than giving to those in need. It’s just human nature, and that is why the Canadian Blood Service’s tagline is “It’s in you to give”.

Go check it out guys! October 23rd is the next date!

I’ll be there again on November 18th, which is the end date of my recovery period.

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  1. I strongly recommend you give blood sparingly and take iron supplements just in case. I donated three times last year (always waiting until the end of my recovery period) and after a routine check-up with my family doctor my blood iron levels were very, very low. It’s fine to be selfless, but don’t give too much away.


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