Return Of The Sitcoms!

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We all know what the end of September means, premiere season! It’s time for shows to again take over our weekly schedules, and for the additional stress of love triangles and cliff-hangers to add to our already hectic student lives. But let’s not talk about the emotional dramas which we all anxiously awaited, rather I want to talk about the lighter part of premiere week; the comedies.

Let’s face it, ever since Friends ended, sitcoms have gone downhill. Still, a few have managed to remain popular through several award seasons. My top three anticipated comedy premieres this year were Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and the Middle. All three had good moments and not so good moments, but the only thing that really matters is which one is worth your time for a good laugh. So now, in no particular order…

MODERN FAMILY- First of all, what happened to Luke?! He’s a real person now, not the little kid I remember him being a few months ago. This episode had me laughing out loud… alone… in my dorm room, attracting odd stares from passing floor mates. The story with Alex was hilarious, and Mitch and Cam lived up to their usual antics. What can I say; it’s Modern Family.

THE MIDDLE – I have stuck with The Middle simply because I grew up with it, and in it’s prime it was hilarious. Again, what happened to Brick? His voice finally dropped and it was a shock to the system. This episode felt a bit like the writers were grasping at straws, which doesn’t bode well for the season. Don’t get me wrong, it has some good laughs, but it could have been better.

THE BIG BANG THEORY – Big bang theory lost me a bit in the last season, but this episode was classic Big Bang, with Sheldon being perfectly… well, Sheldon. Leonard was his usual sarcastic self, Penny had yet another hair-do, and Walowitz and Raj were off doing whatever they do. Again, it made me laugh and I will keep watching it only to see Leonard and Penny’s wedding, because that is what this show has been about since day one!

The first episode is the deciding factor for me in whether or not I bother with the season, and in this case I think I will give each a few more episodes but Modern Family is still in it’s own league. Anyway, this is just one girl’s opinion so don’t take my word for it. Next time you need a twenty-minute study break, go for a TV show –it’s the best stress reliever around!


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