There’s a new stang on the block.

10348299_761740463886225_794537264434893830_n 10636263_10202024370525829_6889211987441222004_nHey guys! I hope you read my bio to get a feel for my personality and my interests.  If not, no worries I’ll start off with a quick introduction right now.

To start off, my name’s Lily Doucet. Well actually, my real name is Liyun Grace Doucet.

FUN FACT: I was adopted from China when I was 7 ½ months old. Didn’t expect that now, did you? I now live in a very small rural town called Uxbridge. Ever heard of it? Probably not.  Don’t worry, no one else has either.

Anyways, moving on to the details.

Program: MTP (Media theory and Production)

Year: First

Height: 5’4 (aspiring to be 5’5)

Favourite childhood cartoon: Arthur

Last movie watched: Does show count? Gilmore Girls ( I love you Lorelei)

Guilty Pass time: The quizzes on Buzzfeed (especially the Disney ones)

So I think I pretty much touched on all the important parts. I’m sure you’ll all be finding out more about me as the year progresses.
Signing onto this project, I was asking myself “What do I hope to see and achieve through the use of this blog?”

I believe my answer is simple.

This year, I would love to see the community and culture of Western shared with the entire student body. Can you believe there are 39,000 full and part-time students on this campus? That is a huge number! Now I know it would be incredible hard to meet ALL of these people but how amazing would it be if we could learn about at least half of these individuals?

Everyone has a story whether they want to share it or not. I think the most fulfilling and interesting learning experiences come from talking to another individual about his or her different values, race, or culture and getting to know at least one new thing from them. It’s something so simple and quick to do, but I understand how intimidating it can be to put yourself out there and reach out to others. That’s why I want to be the centre spot. I’m hoping to shed some light on several activities, events, clubs, and individuals roaming around campus so that you guys can learn a little more about the community you invested so much time and money into! This should be fun guys!

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