It could be worse.

Midterm week is coming. Some have already done an exam, while others are studying hard for the upcoming ones. And then there’s always that one guy who keeps on partying and somehow manages to pass…image
My desk at the moment. Where did that light bulb come from?
     I don’t know about you guys, but I’m the type to stress my mood out right before big exams. As this is my first year studying medical science in U of WO, I’ve had the “pleasurable” announcement (like most of the 1st year science and biomed students) that three of my midterms are within 23 hours of each other. Great. Off to an amazing start. We have upcoming exams with drastic effects on our final mark and now we have to worry about which one to push back. For the past two weeks my mind has been focused on this thought.

A few days later, I was walking with one of my profs discussing the issue with him. That’s when he chuckles. He then proceeds on telling me how he had to sit for 4-5 exams in two days when he was still studying. That weekend, I was in a group study with an international student when she happened to mention how she had to pass two national exams in order to graduate high school. She also mentioned how you can’t push back midterms and how some professors would give pop quizzes to students in university.
    And that’s when I started thinking; everyone’s been through this, some through even worse situations. Your profs had to face those midterms at one point too. Your parents might have done them under worse conditions; your uncle Joe didn’t even have a computer to watch the lectures online! Fortunately for us we have more resources to study from (let’s just be honest with ourselves here… Where would we be without the internet?), we have the chance to push back conflicting exams and we have the opportunity to study in a great university. That’s when I thought, look on the bright side, it could be worse

Good luck to all of you (but don’t rely on it!).

And for those of you wondering, I decided to push back my chemistry midterm.


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