How Not to Get Sick During Midterm War

Back when I was an unknowing first year, I thought I could sleep 5 hours a night and everything would be fine. WRONG. My midterm marks were great, but I was crippling sick by the end of them. I continued to get sick every midterm season until I met my current roommate. She has the worst immune system I’ve ever seen and can get sick for weeks if she doesn’t wear a scarf (no joke). She taught me how to get better with minimal time commitment, since extra time doesn’t exactly exist during midterms. I’m no doctor, but here is my advice if you start feeling sick and don’t plan on slowing your study schedule down to get better:

1. Substitute tea for coffee. It may not have the caffeine kick you’re used to, but it’ll treat your throat 100 times better than coffee ever did.

2. Put honey in your tea. LOTS OF HONEY. I’m a sugar addict so I’ll often get carried away and start eating the honey with a spoon…

3. Drinks lots of water. When your sinuses decide to turn into Niagara falls, you’ll need to replenish that.

4. Sleep a little bit more than you were planning on. I study better at night so I know how hard this idea can be for you other night owls, but even one more hour can help a lot. If you’re already sleeping 8 hours, then you’re set for life. This advice is more for the 5-hours-a-night people.

5. SCARF IT. Wear a scarf everywhere. Wear a scarf to bed. Wear a scarf even if you’re wearing a T-shirt. Wear two scarves if you feel the urge! I find that the warm scarf helps soothe your throat and loosens up phlegm.

6. Gargle salt water. There’s no such thing as gargling too much salt water. Make sure the water is warm to help dissolve the salt and soothe your throat. If you’re extra phlegmy, I recommend gargling mouth wash after the salt water for a minty fresh feeling that will temporary allow you to breath freely.

Good luck fellow midterm writers!


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