Lime and Love

Lemonades bring back lovely childhood memories. As a child, I preferred a lemonade over any other soft drinks. It is simply delicious and refreshing. However, as I grew older and became more health conscience, I realized that store bought lemonades are not the best thing for you, they are filled with sugar and chemicals. So I stopped drinking them.
Recently, I had a bunch of lemons and limes in my fridge, and I did not know what to use them for. So, my roommate (Sandy Girgis, she wanted the shout-out) told me to just blend them with some fruit and create a healthy lemonade. So I did that, and I kid you not it was simply the best lemonade I have ever had, and it was so easy to make too.
I am going to share two of my favourite lemonade/limonade recipes with you guys. I know it is fall time and everyone wants the heart warming drinks, but I think that a lemonade is a staple drink for all year round. In addition, these drinks are also filled with many nutrients, that will help boost your immune system (especially during this time of year, where the flu season has kicked in).


Pink Lemonade Recipe:
-Juice of one large lemon
-One cup of Watermelon
-One tablespoon of Stevia (optional, but I think it is crucial if you want it to taste like an actual lemonade)

Blueberry Limonade Recipe:
-Juice of two limes
-One cup of frozen blueberries
-One tablespoon of Stevia (optional)

Just place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until everything is combined. If you want your lemonade to be smooth, with no lumps, then you can strain the solution.

Hope you guys try this out!!

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