It’s such a pleasure to be able to write for Purpology for a second year now. Last year, all of my posts were titled by the number of days that had passed since university first started (e.g. 110 DAY) and this year I would like to name every post with a different adjective in alphabetical order.

I chose the word “amiable” as the title of my first post not only because it starts with the letter “a,” but also because it really embodies how second year feels. Amiable is defined as pleasant and good-natured, which describes exactly how I felt settling into Western for another year. Everything already seemed familiar and I already knew the basic routine of how everything around me worked. It felt like home.

It’s also nice to have the experience in certain areas to now be able to lead and help guide new students. For instance, I was an executive member of the Special Events committee of Western Voice last year and have now moved up to becoming co-director of the event – meaning that I now have my own executives! This new role bears a lot more responsibility (and pressure) but so far it has been a very rewarding and fulfilling learning experience. The same goes with being VP Marketing of The Ivey ACE conference, as I am currently reading through the applications of first-year students for positions on the team. Although these two extra-curriculars put together are quite a lot of work, I find myself really enjoying them and constantly learning as I am going.

I am also finding my studies quite fascinating this year; all the courses required for Media & Public Interest teach materials that are greatly applicable to every day life. I find myself intrigued by everything my professors say and wanting to research more about the news and topics that they speak of – from cause-related marketing campaigns to crises happening around the world. And while I am learning more about these things, I find myself desiring to reach out, help, and spark change.

Always keep in mind what the great Aristotle once said, ““Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


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