5 Favourite “Things” at UWO

Hi Everyone! 

I hope the first month of school has been off to a wonderful start! I’m so happy to be returning as a Western Scholars Student Blogger for the 2014-15 year!

The summer is always a much-needed break -at least from homework & exams- but I always find myself with this excited feeling at the start of a new year that is just hard to put my finger on! There is just something so nostalgic about September, the fall season, new pencils and an eager outlook! Is it just me?

Anyway, I wanted to start off the year with sharing 3 favourite “things” about UWO and here’s the catch: I want to hear back about what some of your favourite “things” are too! They can be places, restaurants, hangouts, clubs you’re involved with, classes, textbooks (haha we all love textbooks!) or absolutely anything else!

Let’s try to share some secret, or not-so-secret, amazing things about our school!

I’ll start you off with 4 of my favourites:

1. Student Clubs

In all of my years at UWO, I have always loved wandering around clubs week and chatting with students so passionate for their clubs! I am thrilled to be part of a new campus club: Student’s for Partners in Health Canada, and let me just say that being involved with opening the first chapter of a club on campus has been a phenomenal experience! It is intimidating and exciting all at once. I am so eager to see where our chapter goes this year and in years to come!

2. Taylor Silent Floors!

I’m sorry this is not exactly a “secret” location, but I just find this place so conducive to focusing! I’m loving that there are many new cubicles now and that the construction is complete! There will be many, many hours spent here I think…!

3. The Distance from all Student Parking Lots to Campus

Yes, you read that right! While many peers find the distance from Althouse, TD Waterhouse or the back of the Springett Lot exceedingly far from… pretty much anything, I savour the time I spend walking to think about the day to come, make plans or reflect back on the day. Although it is a bit of a walk, it really provides me some “down time” that I often have a hard time coming by otherwise!

4. The Farmer’s Market

I just love fresh produce! If I could carry a bag of sweet potatoes, rhubarb, apples and tomatoes around all day I would load up! But as a student running all over campus, I must be selective with my purchase! I have enjoyed meeting many of the merchants and farmers at this market and have been enjoying a seasonal purchase each week. Whoever had the idea for Western to host the Market: thank you! It makes the fall season an exciting, happy time!

What do you think? Tell me some of your favourite aspects of UWO!


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