Midterms Are Over!!… So What Now?

Congratulations! You survived midterms. So what now? You could spend reading week catching up on anything you’re behind … or you can do something actually fun! If you have no idea what to or just need some inspiration, here are a few activities you could do: Upgrade your room Whether it’s cleaning or making your... Continue Reading →

Qualities of Successful Leaders

Happy Sunday everyone!! I thought today I would talk about some things I've been learning in one of my courses this semester.  I am currently taking an English elective called "Culture of Leadership", where we analyze what it means to be a leader, the qualities that good leaders possess, and the different leadership styles we... Continue Reading →

Locks of Love

Some girls find their identity in their makeup. Some find it in their body shape. I find a huge part of my identity in my hair, as superficial as that sounds. I won't deny it. I recently cut off 14 inches of my hair to donate to cancer. As heartbreaking and difficult as it was... Continue Reading →

Rules of the Road 2.0

Having failed my driver’s test once, I can’t claim to be the best driver around. However, what I do know really well are the rules of the road—useless bits of information such as how to wait behind a streetcar in a city with no streetcars seem to stick really well in my head. So, you... Continue Reading →


When is the best day to make and eat food? On world food day! World food day happened to fall on Thursday, October 16 this year and this day was the perfect day for the Food Resources and Education for Student Health (FRESH) program to educate fellow students on healthy alternatives. When I first heard... Continue Reading →


This week I would like to talk about COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS. Too often do we dwell on our problems, such as upcoming midterms and deadlines for assignments, among an orchestra of other time-pressing matters. But instead of thinking of these things as problems, we should be thinking of them as opportunities. Opportunities to demonstrate our... Continue Reading →

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