Welcome back to Purpology!

Hope you all had a fantastic, relaxing summer!

I had an incredible summer – I travelled Europe for 3 weeks with my sister, visiting the United Kingdom, Germany and France. I went to all the cliché tourists attractions, visited long lost relatives, and ate to my heart’s content.

More details about the trip in my next post – because right now it’s CLUBS WEEK!

As a frosh, I was overwhelmed by the grand selection of clubs Western has to offer – including cooking, dancing, biochemistry, calligraphy, fitness, volunteering and endless more. No matter interests or excites you, there is a community for it! During first year, I joined about 8 different clubs – spanning most of my hobbies and passions. As the school year progressed, however, I realized that I couldn’t keep with the commitment each club required – especially with the added stress of exams and assignments.

If had one piece of advice to give for Club’s Week, it would be to limit yourself to a maximum of five clubs for the school year, so you can stay active and involved in all of them. Don’t hesitate to ask about upcoming events and activities at the booths to decide if the club is right for you!

Happy choosing!



Editor-In-Chief, Purpology


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