Happy O-Week!

Welcome to a brand new academic year, everyone!  And more importantly, welcome to all the new students joining us at Western this year!

I had the opportunity to join in some of the O-Week events and it truly made me miss being a frosh.  As a past soph, I can’t tell you how excited I was just being on UC Hill watching all the different teams cheer during the opening ceremonies.  And I have to admit, although I am a proud science student (*yip*), I am always impressed by what the engineers and FIMS teams come up with.  Opening Ceremonies

O-Week is a fantastic time of the year and an amazing opportunity to get to know people from your floor, building, and program.  It’s also a time where you can really feel Western’s ENORMOUS school spirit and a time where we all come together as one.  The One Love Rally (below) was awesome by the way, especially when we all waved our glow sticks together!

One Love RallyGlow Stick

I hope everyone who participated in O-Week had a great time and you are all excited to start your university life.  I encourage all of you to get to know the people around you.  Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the stranger sitting next to you because they may end up becoming one of your closest friends.  And don’t get discouraged.  You may not receive that mark you were hoping for on your first midterms or assignments, but it simply takes some time and practice to change your work habits to fit university courses.  Make use of the Student Development Centre resources by going to their learning workshops.  They are really helpful for tackling different courses and exam styles.

Here’s their website for more information: http://sdc.uwo.ca/learning/

I wish everyone the best of luck this year in all their academic and extracurricular endeavours.  Get involved, try something new, and really make the most out of your time here at Western!

~ Kaitlyn


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