Why Bother Donating Blood?

I’ve never personally donated blood, but it seems like this practice of altruism is wasting a lot of people’s time. You have to spend time booking an appointment, then you have to go to the clinic, you get the blood taken and then after all that you sometimes feel woozy for about half an hour after. You’d have a much better day spending that time watching a movie or something, right?


I first donated blood when I was 17 or 18 and have continued donating on and off due to an iron deficiency that sometimes prohibits me from donating. When people find out I’ve donated blood, they often give me a look of surprise when they realize I don’t fit into the stereotype of “self-centred young person”. Then their facial expressions turn into those of confusion as they silently debate whether I’m an alien in disguise.

I often get asked: “Why bother donating blood, isn’t it uncomfortable?”

If I’m being polite I’ll explain that it’s kind of uncomfortable for the split second when they put the needle in, but then after that you really can’t feel it and it’s going to help someone in need. If I’m annoyed or just don’t particularly like the person asking the question, I’ll say something more along the lines of: “Actually I’d imagine dying is more uncomfortable.” Because that’s the big picture. When you donate blood, you help save someone’s life.

So, if you’re on the fence about donating, here are some reasons I donate blood.

1. I don’t need the blood, because my healthy body can make more.

2. Nothing is going to happen to me when I donate blood, but something very tragic could happen to a huge group of other people (someone else’s family and friends).

3. They always have an awesome selection of cookies and juice boxes afterwards.

Call 1 888 2 DONATE (1 888 236-6283) to book an appointment with the friendliest stranger you’ve ever spoken to over the phone….no seriously, their voice can make your day 10 times better.

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  1. I donate blood too whenever I can and I have that iron deficiency you do as well. What do you do to combat it? Eat iron-rich foods (which ones)? Take iron supplements?


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