Exploring the Affiliates!

I don’t know about you, but as a main campus Western student, I tend to spend most of my time, well, on main campus!

Between classes, clubs, several libraries, the UCC and student recreation centre, there really doesn’t seem to be much of a need to venture off home turf and explore any of Western’s three affiliates: Brescia University College, King’s University College and Huron University College.

But through several close friends who attend these affiliates and recently, through my own exploration, I have found that the affiliates are wonderful places to socialize, study or just change up the pace from main campus life.


  1.      King’s College

–       I think many times main campus students overlook the King’s campus, as it can seem a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of Western student life. A good friend of mine toured me around this beautiful campus and I would say it is definitely worth the shuttle ride! Kings boast a wonderful spacious library, classic architecture and of course a brand-new student life centre, fondly referred to as the “Living Room” of Kings. I’m glad I had the chance to check out this quaint campus!



  1.      Huron College

–       I haven’t had as much experience on the Huron campus, despite it being the closest to main campus of the 3 affiliates. I love the architectural outwards appearance of Huron, and have had a quick peak in the library (super cozy!) and the chapel space (stunning!). There is also a large spacious cafeteria, so next time the lines in the UCC are too long, nip under the passageway and stop by Huron!



  1.      Brescia College

–       Of my time on affiliate territory, I have definitely spent the most time at Brescia. Some close friends of mine are students there, and I have enjoyed taking a look around! Situated a top a hill, the walk to Brescia can seem intimidating at first! However, I have actually found it to be closer than I would have expected and, along with those to King’s, there are numerous shuttle buses available.  Brescia College boasts a beautiful and large cafeteria area with lots of natural lighting (which I love!) and modern touches. There is also a quiet library and student lounge area. Plus, I’ve noticed that Brescia seems to have lots of spirit, students are often hosting bake sales and raffles, which I love to see! If you are able to venture up the hill and check it out, I highly recommend the walk! Maybe even take detour through the new Ivey Business building; I haven’t had a look inside yet, but have heard that it is another beautiful building we area blessed to have at UWO.


Do you know of any other cool places or spaces to check out at Western or one of its affiliates?

Let me know!



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