My full-length mirror always leaned dangerously on a moveable shelf in my room. It’s crashed to the ground many times, and surprisingly, it never cracked or shattered. However, I never learned, and each time, I just stacked it back onto the moveable shelf without nailing it to the wall.

Two weeks ago, I knocked it onto the ground again while looking for something in my room. To my surprise, it shattered and the tiny shards scattered all over my bedroom floor. My first thoughts were about how beautiful it looked because they looked like stars against the dark rug spread across my bedroom floor. Then, I realized that I should clean it right away because I could step on a shard and get it stuck in my foot.

I didn’t.

Instead, I left it and tiptoed around the mess. Why? I don’t know. It gave my room character, I guess. For two weeks, I tiptoed in and out of my room, and I never stepped on any glass. Finally, when I decided to clean it a couple of days ago, I kicked the plastic bag carrying the chunks of mirror and cut my foot on it.

I should have just left it all on the ground.


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