(183) DAY

The wise American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher Elbert Hubbard once said,

No one gets very far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day.”

So here is my bucket list of things that may seem just a little bit impossible (although I like to use the word extraordinary) that I would like to accomplish before I die:

  1. Try some of that White House Honey Ale  that Obama gave Stephen Harper when the Canadians beat the Americans at the 2014 Winter Olympics)

2. Travel to Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Japan (maybe or not maybe all in one trip)

3. Go on exchange to France (Oh! This summer, fingers crossed…)

4. Pet a bear (preferably in the wild, but I still want to live to accomplish the rest of everything else on my list)

5. Eat honeycomb – honey in its rawest form, the way the bees had intended for it to be eaten

6. Use a jet pack (land or water; I would be ecstatic to use any form to be honest)

And this is the most adventurous I will get on a Tuesday evening.

Back to my stats assignment I go.



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