A weekend break!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to enjoy Lady Antebellum’s “Take me Downtown” tour at a London concert!

I had never seen Lady A perform before, and jumped at the chance to see the trio with a close friend on Saturday night!

lady a

“Take Me Downtown” is Lady A’s third major tour, running from mid-January to late-June, 2014. The group, an American Country music group, is focusing on debuting their fifth album, entitled Golden.

When we arrived to Budweiser Gardens, we found the building packed –and largely with people decked out in cowboy hats, boots and plaid shirts! Clearly Lady A has some passionate followers! I was surprised and happy to find that there were people of all ages in attendance. I think that I initially thought the performance would mostly attract young people, however there seemed to be just as many mid-aged and older individuals, as well as a few children too! It was nice to enjoy something with so many diverse people!

The show opened with Kacy Musgraves, who performed in January at the Grammys and who has self-released three albums already. Her performance was upbeat, cheerful and great for the audience to sing along with; it was a perfect way to start off the night!

Following Kacey, Kip Moore took the stage.  I wasn’t too familiar with his music before the concert, but his warm personality and high energy made it easy to clap, sing and smile all the way through his songs!

Finally, the Lady A trio took to the stage. They surprised the audience by appearing in the middle of the audience on a small platform, before proceeding up to the main stage. I thoroughly loved their entire performance; the repertoire was a perfect balance of their new songs and old favourites. It was evident that the audience loved the performance; the stadium was overflowing with clapping, cheering, singing and in some instance, screaming, in support!

I enjoyed every moment of Lady A’s performance, and one of my favourite moments was actually when Charles, the lead male vocalist, kissed a young girl on the cheek as he passed her in the audience! She couldn’t have been more than 3 years old, and she looked absolutely star-struck!

Overall, it was a great night and a nice break from the books!  What are you doing to take a break and refresh from schoolwork?


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